" Thanks for the great service "

- MM - USA - December 2015

"Thank you for your help and attention."

- ND - Canada - December 2015

"You can't retire yet, I haven't finished the boat! Many thanks for this and all previous orders."

- JS - UK - November 2015

"Arrived in the post this morning. Now that's what I call service! Great job, many thanks.."

- MP - UK - October 2015

"It's a world record!  The stuff just arrived! :-)"

- LG Portugal September 2015

"Pintles  arrived on time and are things of great beauty! Many thanks!"

- NM UK August 2015

"My delivery just arrived. Thank you for taking such care to ensure the keelband arrived in pristine condition. I do appreciate it. It was great to receive things so quickly and I hope it wasn't a rush to prepare the order."

- MS UK August 2015

"I'm really really impressed with your checking up on this - excellent service like this is rarely seen when shopping on the net."

- N D-S Denmark July 2015

"The package arrived just now so thank you once again for your efficiency and for taking the time to check the details - great service, which seems to often be lacking in the marine industry, especially at this time of year!"

- N M-L UK July 2015

"My items arrived safe and sound and I am very pleased with them. Excellent quality and exactly what was required.
Thanks very much."

- SG UK May 2015

"Just got back to the ranch and the block I ordered yesterday afternoon is here waiting for me AND - it’s the right one!!!!
Bloody brilliant. Now all you need to do is sell it at a half reasonable price and I’d be as wealthy as Moray!!!"

- KH UK April 2015

" We received our Cranse irons yesterday and wanted to pass on what fine quality hardware you provide. It  is a beautiful piece of workmanship."

- FW USA April 2015

"I rang you earlier to say thank you for sending the screw and cord, and left a message to say they arrived this morning, having asked you for them only yesterday afternoon.

First class service, thank you again, it is a delight to deal with you.."

- PP UK April 2015

"just a 'thankyou' for the fittings received (last week in fact) - now fitting them! Customer impressed too...... all the best for now"

- FB UK Feb 2015