....that's June 24th, so it is a little late(and despite all good intentions I missed Michaelmas as well, so it's Christmas - sorry!).

1. Beale Park Boat Show

I know I bang on about this show – but I still think (or hope?) there is a place for a show which is well removed from the white heat of competition (both of money and status) which can characterise other events. This year the organiser put a real effort into revitalising the show, and overall it worked – plenty of boats, a great atmosphere and a wide variety of things to see.

Bowlocks Lady Day 2015 - that's March 25th, so you don't have to Google it.

And Shock! Horror! An edition out on time?

1.Classic Boat awards - 6 out of 12 for Classic Marine

Just for a change a quick blow of our own trumpet. I went along to the Classic Boat magazine's Annual awards, which I'm pleased to support, by sponsoring the "Spirit of Tradition - under 40 ft" category. After all you get a glass or two of champagne and some tasty canap es if you st and near enough to the kitchen.

Well it's been some considerable time since the last newsletter – but we're back, just as helpful as ever – which isn't very much. It's great be involved with people and boats which are classic rather than ephemeral. But of course we all have to try to keep up to date. Usually it works, but just now and again...............

2011 leaves me in reflective mood – well I have just wrecked my back in spectacular style so am actually incapable of anything more physical or practical. But why do this job at all? I could have had a proper job, like a lawyer, using my rapier-sharp wit to good effect. For example: