Iain Oughtred

I could go on about the sweet sheer, the just-right stem (not too straight - not too round), the nice-proportioned layout etc, but the prospective owner/builder can compare these things with similar designs, and decided whether the whole boat fits his idea or what such a boat should be. The overall shape is one that can be built and finished very plainly, or, she can be done out in a "yachty" manner; if the materials, fittings and embellishments are carefully worked out, she can be an extremely handsome little boat, that would look quite at home in the davits of the most elegant of yachts.
The balanced lug rig was chose, as giving about the best overall deal in t terms of simplicity, setting up, handling, reefing, and stowing. This is a very efficient sail generally for its size and proportion. The spars all stow inside the boat.
The optional Gunter sloop rig makes her a proper little sailing vessel. This is an efficient, yet easily handled and seamanlike rig, and is ideal for young people to learn to sail with.

Puffin 2nd image