Iain Oughtred

This, the revised Ness Boat design, has been modified for greater beam and sail carrying capacity. The name Tirrik is Shetland for a Common Tern - the 3 revised double-enders all featuring tern in their names. The intention has been to devise boats capable of accepting a wide variation in crew weight, and experience, being reasonably stable and comfortable in a wide variety of conditions, while being handy and responsive on all points. The carrying capacity is very good, so that the boats are particularly good for 'dinghy-cruising'.

The standard rig is the standing or balanced lug, which is nearest in form to the traditional dipping lug. It is a safe and manageable rig in a variety of conditions, easily set and lowered eve on the water. The Gunter sloop rig is a smaller version of the older Shetland (1950's) racing rigs; it suits more serious sailors who don't mind the extra cost and complication.


Tirrik 2nd image