Iain Oughtred

The Elfyn, although nearer to the size of some of the smaller traditional faerings, is still a lighter and livelier boat, and generally handier for recreational use. As well as simpler to build, and easier to handle and to transport out of the water.
Perhaps a little more of a handful than the Elf for a single-handed rower or in rougher conditions, but fast and powerful with four oars, and of course offering proportionally greater carrying capacity and stability.

The balanced lug rig was chosen, being the simplest to handle. An extraordinarily manageable and safe rig for a tender boat. The short peaked-up yard is reminiscent of some of the asymmetric "square" sails carried by some of the four-oared, and larger, Nordland and Shetland boats.
The structure and layout is the same as for the Elf. Optional built-in buoyancy compartments and low decks are shown fore and aft.

Elfyn 2nd image