Arctic Tern

Iain Oughtred

An artist at the Stornoway Festival said the Jeanie II reminded her of a tern. I suddenly realised what a graceful wee bird the tern is: very quick and manoeuvrable - a delight to watch in flight. So I decided on the name Arctic Tern for the revised JII design. This, the newest in the range of double enders, began as a 95% scaled-down Ness Yawl. Although originally drawn up with the same four-strake planking layout, it was decided to redraw the lines as a round-bilge hull with six strakes a side. This gives the boat an appearance closer to the traditional Shetland yoals. Four the more racing-oriented sailors, patterns are now available launch for a 5' -1" - 1.55m beam version - the same been as the JII but flatter and less flighty.

There is now a longer version - the "Sooty Tern" at 19' 8" (6m) with a raised shearline and increased sail area. The two extra sheets of drawings are available as a supplement to the Arctic Tern plans.

Arctic Tern 2nd image