Iain Oughtred

A strong, stable and very capable boat along the lines of a 19th Century ship's boat or large yacht tender. She floats on her designed waterline with three adults aboard and can take a great load of gear as well; she'll carry five people for a moderate distance in suitable conditions. Two plus two children might be a comfortable maximum for pottering about.

She has been designed for owners who need a burdensome hull with flatter floors, firmer bilges and higher freeboards. She will not be as light and fast as an Acorn, but is a lot steadier in the water and less 'flighty'. For all that, she is finely modelled and performs very well indeed for a boat of this type, whether rowed or under sail. She can happily take a light outboard as well.

Two optional sailing rigs are shown: the basic standing lug is the simplest to set up and handle. The Gunter sloop gives a more interesting sailing performance; it is set up with traditional simplicity, and the short spars are easily stowed out of the way. There are no battens to complicate the handling of the mainsail.

Guillemot 2nd image