Francois Vivier

  • Length

    27' 9" - 8.45m

  • Beam

    9' 0" - 2.75m

  • Draft


  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    420 sq ft - 39 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    3000 hours

Toulinguet is a classic yacht of reasonable size, easy to handle and well suited for coastal cruising and even more. A half century ago, construction of wooden classic yachts gave way to mass produced grp boats. To keep up these old boats is more and more difficult and costly. That is why I have designed Toulinguet, in the same spirit of yachts designed by Cornu in France, Alden in the USA, Laurent Giles in UK and many other reputed naval architects. In addition, Toulinguet makes use of wood epoxy modern techniques, giving a more comfortable – and dryer – boat, much more easy to maintain.

The elegant sheer, the stem profile, the counter stern, the low coach-roof and the varnished coamings give a beautiful and very classy look. The sturdy hull and the keel profile make Toulinguet very pleasant to steer and allow easy manoeuvring under sail as well as under power, much less sensitive to a gust than a modern light and hight profile yacht My aim was to find on Toulinguet the sailing behaviour which distinguishes classic yachts : sensible steering, good course keeping, ability to manoeuvre under sail, soft motion at sea... The long keel, with a lead ballast, contribute to that and allows Toulinguet to dry out easily on its legs. It makes also excellent windward ability. The rig, with a large mainsail, a masthead jumper and a moderately sized genoa allows the crew to tack easily and gives a lot of pleasure when sailing close to the coast. A roller reefing system may be fitted for the genoa. Mast and spars are anodised aluminium standard profiles and may be painted to give a more traditional appearance.

Toulinguet 2nd image