Stir Ven

Francois Vivier

  • Length

    22' 0" - 6.70m

  • Beam

    7' 2" - 2.2 m

  • Draft

    10" (0.25m) plate up

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    279 sq ft - 5.9 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    1000 hours

Stir-Ven was designed to meet the following needs:
✔ To be a fast boat, pleasant to steer, in short offering the maximum of pleasure of sailing and even racing.
✔ To be transportable on a trailer and easy to launch and rig (in half an hour).
✔ In other words, Stir-Ven has the sailing program of a keel-boat without having the disadvantages of them, or has the advantages of a centre-boarder, while being much more seaworthy.
✔ To make it possible to spend from time to time one night on board, for 2 people under deck, and two others under a cockpit tent.
✔ To keep the charm and the aesthetics of a classic boat, with the pleasantness that a large and deep cockpit gives.
✔ To be propelled by a scull or oars for the purists (the oars are stored under the side deck) or by an outboard motor up to 5 hp.
✔ To offer conditions of maximum safety: ballasted centreboard (180 kg) giving a good stiffness to wind; broad side decks allowing to keep a positive stability up to 70° / 80° heel, depending to crew on board; buoyancy tanks, complying with European rules in category C (coastal navigation).
✔ Lastly, being of modern and simple design, based on the use of marine grade plywood and epoxy resins, able to be built by an amateur, and needing a reasonable budget.

Stir Ven 2nd image