Francois Vivier

  • Length

    22' 4" - 6.80m

  • Beam

    7' 6" - 2.3m

  • Draft

    19" (0.47m) plate up

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    301 sq ft - 28 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    1500 hours

Meaban was designed to meet the following needs:
✔ To be a pleasant day and cruising boat, fast, easy to steer
✔ To be trailerable and easy to launch and recover, within one hour about, with an appropriate vehicle.
✔ To be able to coastal cruising, with a crew of 2 or 3, and even 4 for a few nights, able to enter many small ports and moorings.
✔ To have the charm and beauty of a classic boat, with either a gaff or Bermudan sloop rig, a pretty hull form, lovely varnished cabin and cockpit coamings and a welcoming cockpit.
✔ To have a well for an outboard motor, on the centreline, just ahead of rudder in order to ensure excellent manoeuvrability in congested harbours. For the purists, the motor may be stored in a cockpit locker and the hull cutting be shut. It is also possible to adopt an electric propulsion system.
✔ To be moved with a sculling oar which is stowed under the cockpit, along a quarter berth.
✔ To be able to dry out on all sorts of grounds, well protected by a long keel 15 cm high. Legs are provided and are stored under the cockpit.

Meaban 2nd image