Iain Oughtred

Kotik came about as a result of requests from Mikhail Markov, who likes the simpler construction of Wee Seal compared to the Grey Seal, but wanted more length to make her more comfortable for coastal passage making and family cruising. The first Kotik is being built by Bert van Baar in Uitgeest, Holland. Wee Seal is a well proven, straightforward building project, a very capable small pocket cruiser. There are several in Australia, Europe and North America. Kotik will add to that reputation, with the greater speed and more comfortable sea keeping that results from the added length. For only a little more work and materials. The Wee Seal has an optional yawl rig. Kotik could also be yawl rigged. The yawl rigs reduce component weight for rigging before and after trailing, and also permit the handling and self steering potential that these rigs are well known for, quite apart from the appeal of their jaunty looks.

Kotik 2nd image