Eun na Mara

Iain Oughtred

  • Length

    19' 9" - 6.0m

  • Beam

    6' 8" - 2.0m

  • Draft

    18" (0.45m) plate up

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    240 sq ft - 22.3 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    1500 hours +/-

This is a very carefully thought out attempt at a practical two-berth trailerable cruiser. The canoe-yawl type was decided on from the beginning. It makes a particularly pleasant little cruising boat, with a buoyant and sea kindly double-ended hull of shallow-draught, adequate accommodation, and a very versatile and seamanlike rig, which is easily managed single-handed in all normal conditions.

Always keeping in mind the fundamental requirement for a graceful and well-proportioned ship, the main problem was to fit in a comfortable cabin and useful cockpit. Headroom below is absolute minimum, but it's enough. The cockpit holds four comfortably, and six 'cosily'.
The canoe yawls, being developed from the smaller canoes, tended to be rather narrow in the beam by modern standards, with sailing rigs of low aspect ratio and a low centre of effort, to reduce the heeling moment while retaining sufficient area for good light weather performance. The rig is easily and quickly adapted to suit the prevailing conditions. 

To balance this gear is a full-ended hull, buoyant in the ends and with a fairly firm bilge, with 500 kgs - 225 kg of ballast in the lead keel and the steel bilge boards. The beam is carried well into the ends, and the after body is quite full so as to provide sufficient buoyancy to support the weight of too many people in the cockpit.


Eun na Mara 2nd image