Beaver Canoe

Iain Oughtred

  • Length

    16' 0" - 4.90m

  • Beam

    33" - 0.84m

  • Draft


  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    No Rig

  • Time to build (estimate)

    110-160 hours

Here is my attempt at a Canadian Canoe of approximately perfect form and proportion. The sheer is fairly strong, but the ends not so high as to create excessive windage. The mid-section is a compromise between round-and-fast and flat-and-stable. The rocker in the keel is moderate for a reasonable balance of manoeuvrability and tracking: however the building frame may be modified so as to alter the rocker.

Construction is conventional strip-plank. Planking stock will be cut about 3/4" x 1/4".

Beaver Canoe