Copper rivetting

Or do I need a tool with that?

627We keep being asked for the right tools for setting roves onto copper nails. Now all you need is a lump of metal with a hole in it big enough for the nail to go inside. Something like 1 round bar, 3 long with a 3/16 hole should do most sizes. Slide it over the nail with the rove already on at the end and hit it. If you cant find a suitable lump of metal, or only have a handful of nails to do, then a socket spanner (wrench) should do the trick instead. Then clip the end of the nail off (leaving about 1 diameter proud of the rove), and rivet up. You need a helper while riveting up ideally, holding a heavy-ish weight against the head of the nail. Usually the rove goes on rim first, to leave a shallow dome proud of the work. This helps the whole thing hold together. But there are a couple of exceptions where it is a good plan to countersink the surface, and place the rove point first onto the nail; gunwhales and block shells. In both cases, you want as smooth a surface as possible, which you get when the tip of the nail is rivetted into the dish of the rove.