Traditional Equipment for Classic Boats

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Larger Craft

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Blackbird & Bona

There are still a few of these bawleys on the East Coast, mostly now used for charter.  But they are at their most spectacular when racing, as here down the Orwell river.  I had the pleasure of being in the crew of Good Intent when she won her class of the East Coast Gaffers Race, assisted by some huge sails borrowed from a smack!

Photo: Blackbird

blackbird.jpg (421705 bytes)

Chloe May

There are a number of recent boats of the classic English cutter/ Pilot cutter variety.  I'm trying to find a picture for your inspiration, but Chloe May, Eve of St Mawes and their sisters are real boats.


Still plenty of these about on the East Coast, a surprising number of which are owned privately ( as opposed to charter vessels).  There is good news and bad news whenever they get together.  The good news is that it is a fine sight afloat, the bad news is when the crews come ashore for refreshment!

Photo: Peter Chesworth

smack - b7.jpg (277950 bytes)

Essex Smack Yacht

John Tyrell took a mould off a 28' smack - Secret, I think - to create the Essex Smack Yacht, shown here snug in a fresh breeze.  We ended up doing most of the ironwork and rigging for them when they moved over to International Marine Designs.  A really capable boat, if not huge below by modern standards.  At present we are helping fit one out with a towering racing rig - it should be fun

Photo: Peter Chesworth

essex smack - b15.jpg (346187 bytes)


Charlie Ward reckons that barge yachts have a future, and has put his money where his mouth is to build this 45 footer.  Designed by Andrew Wolstenholme, with a few tweaks to the traditional hull form to improve performance and handling, and a gaff, rather than sprit, rig, she is a fine addition to the North Norfolk skyline.   We did the ironwork, running rigging, and a host of other fittings.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

ward45 - w22.jpg (253058 bytes)


Designed by Colin Mudie, and built for the Bristol Festival of the Sea in 1996, she went to Newfoundland 500 years after John Cabot did in a similar vessel.  We supplied a fair portion of the rope.

Photo: Kathy Mansfield

matthew - w3.jpg (112956 bytes)

Plymouth Hooker

Restored by Mike Trout in Devon a few years back.  Not many of these left, so it was nice to help supply the running rigging and other proper bits.

Photo: Tom Benn

Plym Hooker - cb117.jpg (414402 bytes)

Heard 28

Terry Heard started producing Falmouth River Oyster Dredgers in GRP some years back.  They are still used for fishing in the winter, and in summer race in Falmouth Harbour.  The yard is now run by Terry's son, Martin, who still looks after the fishing boats and has made a fair number of yachts based on the hulls, one of which is illustrated here. Some of these have even made it to the East coast!

Photo: Peter Chesworth

heard28 - b12.jpg (583592 bytes)