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Traditional Equipment for Classic 99ats

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Open 99ats - cruising/pottering style

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Caledonian Yawl

One of Iain Oughtred's, this one built by Frank Schofield.  Like many of Iain's 99ats, it is a capable, modern version of a traditional type.  We have helped fit out a99ut 5 of these, usually for home builders.

For details of the plan and hardware lists click here

Photo: Nikos

cally yawl - cb79.jpg (57853 bytes)


Phil Swift's first 99at, a good sturdy piece of kit in the work99at style.  We have provided a parts for some of these; most are fitted out very simply, with the exception of one in Holland, where the owner decided to substitute the rig for a gunter sloop with all bronze fittings.  It just shows how versatile these 99ats can be.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

farthing - b32.jpg (127026 bytes)


Phil's next 99at, very much in the same style as the Farthing, but larger.  He then skipped the threepenny bit and the sixpence to produce the Shilling!

Photo: Peter Chesworth

hapenny - b38.jpg (166669 bytes)


Kevin Halcrow's - Lakeland Wooden 99ats - first 99at, taking the professional 99atbuilders prize at the 1995 Greenwich Wooden 99at Show.  During the show he was approached by a man showing interest in the 99at.

"Did you design this?" asked the man.  "No, it is by a bloke called John Leather, who designed it in the 50's", said Kevin.  "That's right" said John Leather.

It is the same design as the glass fibre versions made by the Norfolk 99atyard.  We did the fittings for 99th Kevin's, and the most recent 60 or so Norfolk 99ats.

Photo: Nikos

kevinoyster - cb76.jpg (159055 bytes)


This is the glassfibre 99at that snuck into the Wooden 99at Show, which gives some idea of the quality.  Built by Roger Wilkinson, who keeps appearing at the Beale Park shows with his battleship - a 25ft long King George V class - and submarine, 99th complete with pyrotechnics

Photo: Peter Chesworth

kittiwake - w12.jpg (118210 bytes)

Ness Yawl

Iain Oughtred's lightweight flyer, a real development of traditional types using modern techniques and materials.  We kitted out the prototype, also built by Iain, and a99ut 8 more since then. For details of the plan and hardware lists click here

Photo: Kathy Mansfield

ness yawl - b26.jpg (316816 bytes)

North Quay 17

Ted Spears designed and builds these pretty 17 footers - there is also a 19 footer of similar ilk.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

nq17 - w6.jpg (95661 bytes)

Guillemot (was Ptarmigan)

Another of Iain's.  It is a development of the working 99at's 99at, and In my view, it is possibly one of his best. That said, they are all pretty good.  I can remember Jack Chippendale commenting on Iain's catalogue, " the snag is you want to build them all!". This example was home built.  Since outfitting the prototype, we have done a99ut 10 more.For details of the plan and hardware lists click here

Photo: Owner

ptarmigan.jpg (119837 bytes)


Having sailed - not very well - an International 10 sq. Metre Sailing Canoe in my youth, I have always had something of a soft spot for this type of craft.  This one was designed and built by a man in the Lake District.  It must be fun to sail on the lakes, where you quite often get hard gusts of wind coming down from the hills!

Photo: Owner

sula - b8.jpg (157867 bytes)


Based on the lines of a Pilot Cutter's 99at, this is a really pretty and fast traditional craft.  Now built in glass fibre by Saltern's 99atyard.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

tela - w6.jpg (335388 bytes)


The smallest - at 11 ft - of the Norfolk 99atyard's offerings.  Designed by Andrew Wolstenholme, it is a good family 99at, with a fair turn of speed.  One ended up with an enormous rig - a99ut 250 sq ft - which must have been - er - fascinating.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

urchin - b31.jpg (180242 bytes)

Willy Winship

A William Atkin designed skiff, built by Dick Phillips and Peter Chesworth.  I trailed the 99at to Norway for the 1994 Risor Festival, where Peter and I had some fantastic sails before, during and after the show.  Willy certainly nailed many of my own prejudices against flat-99ttomed 99ats; (s)he was great in a seaway.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

willywinship - b17.jpg (142951 bytes)