Traditional Equipment for Classic Boats

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Open Boats - class or racing boats

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Colonial Wag

Built by Frank Schofield, based on the Irish Water Wag. We did all the bronze fittings - many copied from a boat some 70 years old.  We are now talking to the the Water Wags in Dublin about making fittings for them.  There are still 30 boats actively competing in this, the oldest one design class in the world

Photo: Nikos

colwag - cb87.jpg (59656 bytes)

Heir Island Sloop

Still in Ireland, meet one of the newest classes.  Like me, Gubby Williams reckons there is mileage in modern performance gaffers, and so far 4 people agree.  I bet there'll be more, it is a great boat.

Photo: Gubby Williams

heir island.jpg (60504 bytes)


Another old class re-invigorated by Saltern's Boatyard.  Typical Victorian large sails and flat sheer, this is a powerful beast.  The most recent Solent Old Gaffers race was won by one of these.

Photo: Peter Chesworth

memory - w5.jpg (132664 bytes)

Orwell Corinthian

Well I have to declare an interest here - I am currently completing one of these.  Designed in the 1890's by H.C.Smith, it has a stunningly modern hull form.  Now built in glass fibre by Nigel Waller, and with some keel modifications by yours truly, this planing gaffer shows what the Victorians could have done with modern materials.  Took line honours at Yarmouth Old Gaffers!!

The class rules are drawn up with the express intention of developing gaff rig.  Watch this space.

Photo: Den Phillips

orwell2.jpg (7296 bytes)


Over the last 100 years, 100 of these boats have been built.  Astonishingly, some 60 odd are still racing, with the low sail numbers still very much in contention.

Photo: Martin Turtle

seabirds - cb126.jpg (162882 bytes)


Designed and built by David Ryder-Turner.  Words fail me, just look at it.

Photo: Owner

sonas.jpg (111030 bytes)

West Solent

Raced enthusiastically on the East Coast of England - I'm not sure when/how they migrated form the Solent - we have provided custom gear for a number of these - Bonita, Diamond, Harlequin and Black Adder, shown here in the picture sailing at Maldon.  Note the barges in the background.

Photo: Kathy Mansfield

west solent - w14.jpg (138704 bytes)