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Larger Craft

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I have to confess I know little of this boats history, but I love the picture of her in Singapore, where she is currently based.  

Photo: Owner

eveline.jpg (77539 bytes)


A Fastnet winner in her youth, restored to former glory in Spain some 5 years ago.  We provided her with mast furniture - goosenecks, mastbands etc, while TS Rigging did the standing and running rigging.

Photo: Nico Martinez

ilex - cb103.jpg (340446 bytes)

Lone Wolf

The boat is great, of course, but in this case it is the owners I want to mention.  Dick and Pat Dawson have put huge amounts of time in to helping the Old Gaffers Association, the task of Secretary probably being as hard as herding cats

Photo: Chris Scott-Francis

lone wolf - w11.jpg (187641 bytes)


One of Ed Burnett's latest, in the style of Albert Strange.  Designed for David Still, who also built Grey Merlin, she has proved very capable.  A review in a "mainstream" UK yachty mag gave her a glowing write up - who needs production boats? We provided most of the custom fittings in bronze.

Photo: H. Hughes

psyche.jpg (234218 bytes)

Flower of Caithness

I can't remember who said the bit about " the most noble way to spend your money is to build a schooner", but you can see what was meant.  This is a 48' Murray Petersen craft built by Peter Matheson in the North of Scotland.  Ironwork and running rigging by us.

Photo: Peter Matheson

schooner.jpg (60462 bytes)

Diligent II

I have just spoken to the owner to get a better picture of this boat; she deserves it.  Designed by the erstwhile chief designer of Camper & Nicholson, this 58' gaff ketch is simply stunning.  We had her sail plan up on the wall for some time just as inspiration.  We also provided a number of custom bronze fittings and saddles.

Photo: Owner

varvill.jpg (79396 bytes)


Ed Burnett is developing the idea of the English Cutter with great results.  Zinnia is the first of his 30 footers, one more is in commission, and a third being built.  There is also a 35 footer of similar type being built at present.  They don't look utterly different from their predecessors, but the use of modern design and materials - its still wood, but epoxy strip plank - transforms the performance by comparison with, say, Lone Wolf.  And that without compromising seaworthiness, Zinnia has an Atlantic circuit to her name.  Those bronze fitting must have been OK, then!

Photo: H. Hughes

zinnia.jpg (126560 bytes)