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Iain Oughtred
Length Beam Draft Weight (kg) Sail Area Time to Build (estimate)
11' 10" - 3.61m 4' 11" - 1.5m - 62 92 sq ft - 8.55 sq m 220-300 hours
Designer's Words

Shearwater is a conventional sailing dinghy of the more modern type, so she will have a higher potential speed and a more exciting sailing performance. The hull shape is also ideal for use with an outboard motor, as the hull planes well. These characteristics do not make for the best rowing performance, although she can be rowed for a moderate distance; she will be a good stable boat for general family use, and fishing etc. Shearwater handles very well under sail; she is well balanced and responsive, and is able to work her way through a bit of choppy water in a capable manner. She can be sailed singled-handed in a moderate breeze without undue acrobatics; the ideal crew is two, but she'll take a third when necessary. Two adults and two kids are about the limit for sailing, although for fishing etc one extra can be fitted in. Shearwater may be build as an open boat, for minimum weight and easier maintenance, or she can be fitted with built-in buoyancy fore and aft.
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