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Iain Oughtred
Length Beam Draft Weight (kg) Sail Area Time to Build (estimate)
7' 2" - 2.2 m 3' 11" - 1.2m - 22 30 sq ft - 2.8 sq m 120-180 hours
Designer's Words

The design of the AUKLET has been closely based on the AUK, as this one has proved to be a remarkably successful tender, with its burdensome hull and excellent handling characteristics. One accomplished a long downriver cruise in Australia, carrying three adults and four children. Niki Perryrnan and Jamie Crick with the world-cruising 35 foot SIANDRA searched far and wide - world-wide - for the 'perfect tender'. They built this one stretched to 8'-10" - 2.8m, and found her to be just right, with the performance under oars or sail, the carrying capacity, even the lifeboat potential, and of course the handsome appearance. So it was felt that this design, reduced to 91%, at 7'-2" OA would make the perfect very small tender. Inevitably a few minor refinements crept in: a couple of inches more beam, a touch more flare forward, and a proportionately wider transom. And a few simplifications to the structure: the stem is laminated, but does not have to be. The knees are solid, but may be laminated. The hog and the gunwales are glued up in two layers, so they bend into their places more easily. The sprit rig was chosen as the simplest sail, on spars of the minimum length for a given sail area.
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