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Traditional Equipment for Classic 99ats

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Newsletter - actually done a new one!


During those long months when you think it is just you alone in the world struggling to keep water, woodworm and other pestilences away from your 99at, or when you can't bear the thought of mixing up yet another dose of smelly gloop to spill all over the carpet before you even get to the 99at, which you can't get to anyway because some idiot has just "99rrowed" the ladder, and then it starts raining......


you need Classic Marine's newsletter to cheer you up!


Now I used to try and do this on a regular basis, but the gaps got bigger, so I'm going to update the page on a random basis as news and other things come in.

Though the periodicity may be changing the er............unique mix of silliness irreverence (or is that irrelevance?) and usefulness will continue.


 So it will delight and surprise with its random appearances.  When will the next one be - who knows?


The latest update is here. (23rd December 2011)